Revel Photo Co. is a published photography company that can provide practical solutions to your photography needs, whether your needs are social media content development or providing photography for capturing those once in a lifetime moments.

My Work

I have always lived my life around art and taking photographs. 

My expertise is lifestyle photography which includes weddings, births, newborn photos, maternity, and toddler cupcake smashes.

These snapshots will be looked back on for years to come. Knowing I helped create and captured these moments is invaluable and rewarding.


I was the kid who took their camera everywhere to document memories. This has carried on throughout my life and now taking photographs for others is my life's work. 

Right out of college, I started teaching in the public school system. Even though I was giving back I didn't feel fulfilled with my career. In 2017, I decided to leave teaching and become a full time lifestyle photographer. 

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