Probst Family Photos

Sometimes the golden light is just perfect and it sets everything up for success.

With Mary, Joe, and Leo’s session that’s exactly what happened. These images were taken in the backyard of their family’s house and it couldn’t have been a more beautiful location with many options for backgrounds.

Leo was about 4 months old so he wasn’t standing on his own yet. But that didn’t matter because mommy and daddy were happy to hold and love on him throughout the session.

Isn’t his little gingham bow tie adorable!

I just love this Black and White. Mary’s look reminded me of old Hollywood.

LOVE that Golden Light!

Mommy gave Leo a big kiss which left a cute lipstick print on his cheek. I HAD to make sure I captured that. He is just the cutest!

The last part of the evening was still just as beautiful with the light and I captured this gorgeous moment between mother and son.

The Probst family was awesome to work with and so laid back. I can’t wait to shoot for them again.

A Bryd Theater Wedding

This awesome wedding took place at the Byrd Theater on Cary St. in Richmond, VA. I’ve seen movies here but never photographed a wedding. I felt honored and privileged to photograph this fun couple’s day. Thank you, Tori and Jesse, for hiring Revel Photo Co. to capture these special memories for you both.

With a theme of Back to the Future and a ceremony that included doggos, this was a wedding I couldn’t wait to photograph.

Check out the invitation suite. The bride made and created most everything herself.

The coolest part of getting married at the Byrd is they put your names on the marque!

Then at the end of the ceremony you get to climb on top of the marque and take a picture together! What an amazing photograph to have from your wedding day.

I loved how colorful her bridal portraits turned out. It fit the theme of her wedding details.

Her bouquet was made from comic books.

Tori’s bridal party consisted of her two sisters, the groom’s sister, and the bride’s close two male friends.

Take a look at some of the venue details at the Bryd. How unique to get married here!

I love how the theater allowed the couple to have their dogs involved in the ceremony.

I love shooting ring details now that I own a macro lens! Look at that bokeh.

Both of them are comedians so the ceremony was hilarious with a good mixture of love in between.

After the ceremony, we used the front of the theater as one of the bridal portrait locations.

Her tennis shoes and socks were a very important part of her outfit so we made sure to get a portrait with both. Tori’s socks were a gift from her father for the wedding.

Such an awesome wedding and so grateful Revel Photo Co. was there to capture the day.

Sunflowers in August

I love taking portraits during the golden hour. You get so many great opportunities to showcase beautiful color during that time of day.

I heard about Lickinghole Creek Brewery in Goochland through Instagram. At the end of July, the brewery started advertising sunflower fields and $5 all you can pick. So given an opportunity to shoot my two favorite things; outdoors in a beautiful natural setting and during golden hour, I called up two of my favorite people to see if they were interested?

My former student Paige and her son, Raine, were the perfect models to try this area out. I had just photographed her son two months ago in the studio when he came in to celebrate a cake smash for his first birthday.

As you can see, he is one serious little dude but oh so adorable!

It was extremely hot that night and by the end of it we were sweating so bad! Good thing they have cold beverages to cool you off.

Towards the end he started to open up and enjoy the experience. 

When you have flowers as tall as your mom, you get a little concerned… Little Shop of Horrors, anybody?

I certainly will be offering these mini’s next year, however, I’ve learned get out the first or second weekend. Going the third weekend, most of the sunflowers had been picked through and many weren’t as tall and fresh.

I loved this area so much!

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