Langston Newborn

Langston was a dream and stayed asleep throughout the entire first part. 

A week before the session, I sent his mom and dad an informational prep guide to help make the session go smoother. They followed exactly what was on the sheet and because of this Langston cooperated the entire time.

What were some of those golden nuggets of information? Well let’s go ahead and talk about a couple.

Even though your baby may sleep a lot, it doesn’t mean they will sleep through the newborn session. During the session, they are handled quite a bit from changing wraps, into outfits and transitioning from the bag to props and back to the bag. Normally this much activity doesn’t happen when they’re sleeping at home. Being handled consistently doesn’t make for a deep sleep, unless you work on this one tip before your session.

Tip #1: Try and keep your baby awake a couple of hours before your shoot so the baby is extra tired when the photographer starts. There are several ways of keeping the baby awake; give them a bath, tickle their toes, let them kick their feet with just a diaper on, even letting them fuss a little bit with no pacifier can help keep them awake beforehand allowing for a deeper sleep when photographing. 

  Recruit your spouse or family to help with this.

This next tip is probably the most important one I have in my bag and make sure I execute every time.

Tip #2: Keep your house warm and I mean WARM! Between 78-82 is ideal for a newborn shoot and even though you may be hot, your baby is comfortable. Most of the time newborns are only photographed with a wrap and sometimes with nothing on. Since newborns can’t regulate their body temperature, keeping the area warm is essential for them staying comfortable. The temperature might seem uncomfortable to us but for your baby, it’s just right. 

There are other tips and tricks I share with my parents, but in order to get the full gold bar, you have to book a newborn session!

Putting at least these two tips into practice will help your next newborn session. Thanks for stopping by! 

Van Cleave- Mother’s Day

“The natural state of motherhood is unselfishness. When you become a mother, you are no longer the center of your own universe. You relinquish that position to your children.” -Jessica Lange

I myself am not a mother. I am, however, a mother to 3 fur babies but let me tell you that is NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING, compared to having your own children.

This fantastic mother of three beautiful children, makes it happen every day. She unselfishly gives her all and it shows in the love they give her. 

To show their appreciation for this hard working mom, this Mother’s Day her children gifted her a family photo session and the day couldn’t have been more gorgeous. 

There are so many beautiful places at Sunday Park to take photos.

Just to highlight this mom for a moment, Heather is a pretty amazing person who does so much for so many. In her spare time, apart from running a very successful senior community, she sings at her local church as a vocalist and worship leader, is a motivational speaker, helps out at the local food bank with her family, runs her own outreach and ministry for battered women and sex trafficking victims called “Heather Marie Speaks,” survivor of domestic violence, and an advocate for mental health. 

This woman does it all! Still having so much love left over for her children. How does she do it?

With all that she does, rightly so she has some love poured her way.

So here’s to this super woman who does it all!

Daisy’s Cake Smash Part 2

This first picture explains the entire cake experience for Ms. Daisy. She was not interested in eating it at all.

When we placed her down in front of everything, she was more interested in the flowers than the cake. After poking at the cake a while, her mom pinched off a piece for her to try.

Eventually the cake lost it’s luster and she pushed to the side.

After she finished playing around with the cake and cardboard, her mom and I transitioned her to the milk bath. In my sessions, the milk bath is the final setup. This setup allows the babies to get clean before they leave and I also get a chance to snap a couple more photos for the parents. 

I knew Daisy would love this part of the session since in the beginning she was immediately drawn to the flowers. I mean come on, how cute is she in this white enamel basin.

I only use real flowers in my milk bath photos since real flowers float. I read once where you could buy fake flowers and spray them with starch beforehand, however, that idea did not work. So I don’t recommend using fake flowers for milk baths.

Look at those beautiful blue eyes!

As you can see Daisy’s session was a huge success and a lot of great pictures to hang in her room. Happy 1st Birthday Daisy!

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