Jesse and Tori’s Pre-Wedding Session

Last night before the rain hit downtown Richmond, Jesse and Tori met us at Great Shiplock Park. During our session we talked about the wedding and their ideas. I can definitely say I am excited to photograph this wedding. I love unique details and this one will have plenty.

The wedding theme is Back to the Future and if you know anything about my husband and me we love all things 80’s. I was able to grab a sneak peek last night at some of Tori’s wedding details and let me tell you, from the shoes down to the invitation suite, it’s all uniquely 80’s. 

One of the coolest things about having a wedding at the Byrd is the theater will put the bride and groom’s names on the marquee the day of the wedding. Not many people can say they’ve had this done.

These two are also including their Jack Russell’s as ring bearers. How cute are these wedding pictures going to be!

With all the wedding secrets I know of, Jesse and Tori are going to have the best wedding and I’m so happy that Revel will be there to document it all!

As Huey Lewis says, “That’s the Power of Love!”

Daisy’s Cake Smash


I think today's session was the best one I've had since I've started my business. I accomplished three different looks, three different setups, with a one year old, all in an hour and fifteen minutes.  The most important part, the images look fantastic! Little Daisy hammed it up for the camera even though she didn't care too much for her cake. 

I took so many photos that I'm splitting this post into two parts; pre-cake smash, and cake smash. 

Daisy's mom brought an adorable outfit we put on first as to not get anything on it. It said "Oopsie Daisy!" I love when parents contribute little creative outfits for the session. 

She even bought Daisy the cutest pair of Converse to wear with her first outfit! I was in love. A girl after my own heart, pairing a dress with Chuck Taylor's.

Here she is hamming it up for the camera.

I always love black and whites, especially when my subject has eyes like this. Her eyes are the prettiest shade of blue which I'm sure you caught in the images above.

She's such a big girl standing on her own. Today was the first time she walked with shoes on! I felt so privileged to be a part of that moment with her mom.

Look at her cute side profile and her little nose. She is just a little baby doll!

Here are some candid shots of mommy and Daisy before we changed into the second outfit.

The second outfit is a diaper that says all kinds of "Happy 1st Birthday" phrases, which mom also brought as well. So glad because these are adorable. 

We brought back her cute little Daisy headband from her newborn session and it still fit just as good as did back then. Look at that red hair!

Here's a throw back from her newborn photos using the same headband.

They grow so fast.

We get to the third outfit of the day which is one I purchased off of Etsy from Your Final Touch and it fit her so well! The little lace ruffle and the stain bow were the perfect complement to her portraits.

I purchased a bunch of fake flowers, floral tape, and embroidery hoops from Michael's craft store and made these lovely floral wreaths a week before to hang behind as a backdrop for her session.

If you ever need a cake made, please contact Louisa's Homemades. She did an incredible job on Daisy's cake and it was exactly what I had envisioned.

Final setup of everything before she gets to dig in.

Thanks for taking the time to share this day with me. Don't forget to check back later on for the second part of Daisy's cake smash.

Keyode’s Newborn Photos

Since I’ve never had children of my own, the more babies I photograph the more I find how different and particular each one is. Each one beautiful and unique. Keyode was such a sweet boy who didn’t mind all the clothing props I put him in- thank goodness. If the parents would have let me, I would have put him in all my new outfits. After 2.5 hours of being photographed, changing poopy diapers and being a food bank they were tired and rightly so!

It’s so sweet when the parents bring items to use in the photographs. This little basket net and hat were lovingly made by grandma on dad’s side. The dad is the head basketball coach of a local high school.  

The brown bowl I purchased off of Etsy from PrettyPhotoProps1 and used it in the photos above and below.

The parents have a theme of tan and blue in their home so I bought this cute little outfit off of Etsy to work with their home theme. I love how the first one takes the shape of a heart. He looks so comfortable and dreamy in these two. 

I was an art teacher for eight years so I can make a couple of my own little props. I needle felted this sweet little heart for Keyode’s photos. Isn’t he just precious holding that little heart in his hands. The white wooden box I purchased from Home Goods and then bought a chalkboard sign from Michael’s, painted it white to match the box and glued it to the front. I used white chalk markers to match the box and stenciled his name. I love little DIY projects that I can do that add to my newborn sessions!

Mom and dad were so cute with him and you could just tell they are so in love!

Love this little family. So happy to have captured these moments for them.

Welcome to the world little Keyode!

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