Probst Family Photos

Sometimes the golden light is just perfect and it sets everything up for success.

With Mary, Joe, and Leo’s session that’s exactly what happened. These images were taken in the backyard of their family’s house and it couldn’t have been a more beautiful location with many options for backgrounds.

Leo was about 4 months old so he wasn’t standing on his own yet. But that didn’t matter because mommy and daddy were happy to hold and love on him throughout the session.

Isn’t his little gingham bow tie adorable!

I just love this Black and White. Mary’s look reminded me of old Hollywood.

LOVE that Golden Light!

Mommy gave Leo a big kiss which left a cute lipstick print on his cheek. I HAD to make sure I captured that. He is just the cutest!

The last part of the evening was still just as beautiful with the light and I captured this gorgeous moment between mother and son.

The Probst family was awesome to work with and so laid back. I can’t wait to shoot for them again.

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