Sunflowers in August

I love taking portraits during the golden hour. You get so many great opportunities to showcase beautiful color during that time of day.

I heard about Lickinghole Creek Brewery in Goochland through Instagram. At the end of July, the brewery started advertising sunflower fields and $5 all you can pick. So given an opportunity to shoot my two favorite things; outdoors in a beautiful natural setting and during golden hour, I called up two of my favorite people to see if they were interested?

My former student Paige and her son, Raine, were the perfect models to try this area out. I had just photographed her son two months ago in the studio when he came in to celebrate a cake smash for his first birthday.

As you can see, he is one serious little dude but oh so adorable!

It was extremely hot that night and by the end of it we were sweating so bad! Good thing they have cold beverages to cool you off.

Towards the end he started to open up and enjoy the experience. 

When you have flowers as tall as your mom, you get a little concerned… Little Shop of Horrors, anybody?

I certainly will be offering these mini’s next year, however, I’ve learned get out the first or second weekend. Going the third weekend, most of the sunflowers had been picked through and many weren’t as tall and fresh.

I loved this area so much!

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