Virginia Distillers Association FAM Tour

I’ve been working as an association member for the Virginia Distillers Association for almost a year now. The organization contracts Revel Photo Co. to take photographs of their events, products shots, and images for social media. This particular event is for their FAM tour highlighting distilling around Virginia, the birth place of American spirits. 

So I’m not sure if many of you know what a FAM tour is…I didn’t. For those who don’t know, a FAM tour is where you familiarize your guests about what they are touring. This FAM tour just happens to be about the up and coming distilling market in Virginia.

This FAM tour consists of three days photographing events for the VDA, with 5 writers from around the country, visiting 7 distillery in VA, and then ending with our Richmond RoadShow event at the VMFA. We used the Cville Hop On Tours to travel and they did not disappoint! If you need a fun tour of Charlottesville’s distilleries, wineries, or breweries with a group then you need to book these guys.

What an awesome experience to see these different distilleries, the products they sell, and how they make their spirits.

 The photos on this post are fun creative shots from these three days.

The seven distilleries we hit on our tour were:

-Belmont Farm Distillery/ Culpepper

-Catoctin Creek Distillery/ Purcellville

-Copper Fox Distillery/ Sperryville &  Williamsburg

-Ironclad Distillery/ Newport News

-KO Distilling/ Manassas

-Reservoir Distillery/ Richmond

-Virginia Distillery Co./ Lovingston

Behind the bar at Reservoir is this old 1950’s set up of electric boxes that used to run the location when it filled 7-Up bottles back in the day. Half of these still work, hence the name “The Most Dangerous Bar in the World”

Cheers, to a successful tour!

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